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EPApower SA-R915i 130hp Performance Engine

EPApower SA-R915i 130hp Performance Engine

The EPApower SA-R915i is a 130 hp, 4-stroke, boxer-style engine especially developed for competitive sport aviation.

Pioneer Team Patrol

The engine is manufactured by EPApower s.r.l., the Italian builder of high performance engines, which also fabricates racing engines for Audi and other factory-sponsored automotive racing teams. EPApower has been widely tested and proven for many years in aerobatic practice and performance.

Base Engine & Variations

EPApower starts with a new ROTAX 900 series engine, then disassembles and rebuilds the engine with proprietary performance parts. In addition to the SA-R915i, EPApower also offers two upgraded versions of the ROTAX 912ULS, the SA-R912i and the 912+.

Installed EPApower SA-R915i

The SA-R915i is based on the ROTAX 900-Series with the following modifications:

  • 130 hp at the prop
  • Displacement increased to 1484 cc, with new cylinder sleeves, pistons and seals
  • 11:1 compression ratio
  • Polished surfaces and dynamically-balanced rotating parts; exceptionally smooth operation
  • Intake manifolds and airbox made of carbon fiber composite
  • Single throttle body
  • Electronic fuel injection system, with Motec M4 electronic control unit for fuel/ignition system management
  • Dual fuel pumps and pressure regulator
  • EPApower competition ignition system
  • Gen2 coaxial supplementary alternator with regulator: 26 additional amps without belts or gears
  • Performance engine wiring
  • Inverted oil system available
  • Dynamometer tested

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EPApower produces two variants of the ROTAX 912 ULS engine.


The SA-R912i is a polished and dynamically balanced 912 ULS with EPApower electronic fuel injection.


The 912+ is a polished and dynamically balanced 912 ULS.

For More Information

Additional information about the 912i and 912+ versions will posted to this Web site in late summer, 2011. The engines will be available at that time.

EPApower performance parts may be installed in ROTAX 900 series engines. These parts are available for Experimental aircraft including Experimental Light Sport Aircraft (E-LSA); they may also be installed in production Light Sport Aircraft (S-LSA) with manufacturer’s approval.

26-Amp Gen2 Coaxial Alternator

EPApower Gen2 Coax Alternator Kit

The first EPApower performance part to come to market is the 26-Amp Gen2 Coaxial Alternator.

The Problem With Conventional Auxiliary Alternators

Until now, the auxiliary alternators available for ROTAX 900-Series engines were driven from the top of the propeller gear box, which is a reduced RPM drive source in an inconvenient location. No matter how high the output potential of these alternators, the useful electrical output is low because RPMs are reduced, even when the engine is operating at max continuous power. The situation is compounded when operating the engine at or near idle, with high electric power demand, during critical operations such as night-time or IFR approach to landing and ground movements.

High RPM  • High Output • Convenient Location

Here’s how the Gen2 overcomes those problems. It is mounted coaxially with the ROTAX alternator, and is driven at full engine speed, not at geared-down, reduced speed. No gears or belts are involved. Its location, at the aft end of the engine in line with the crankshaft, is out of the way where it cannot interfere with the cowling or with airflow.

Independent, Supplementary and Backup Electrical Power

Gen2 is an independent alternator with its own regulator, providing supplementary electrical power, and also functioning as a backup to the ROTAX alternator.

The Gen2 does not require an external mount. It takes no space under the cowling and  is crankshaft driven just like the existing 18-Amp ROTAX alternator. Gen2 bolts to the aft end of the engine and adds 26 Amps of reliable power, for a combined output of 44 Amps.

Kit Components

Components of the Gen2 system kit include:

  • Stator coil assembly
  • Rotor assembly with permanent magnets
  • Long bolt (replaces standard ROTAX bolt)
  • Wire connector
  • Regulator
  • Panel light & label
  • Circuit breaker
  • Schematic diagram
  • Installation instructions


For pricing information, contact SportairUSA

Pricing for EPApower Engines & Performance Parts

Standard shipping costs included.

SA-R915i: competition engine $57,250
SA-R912i: polished, balanced, EFI $49,750
SA-R912+: polished, balanced $38,500
Inverted Oil System $7,700
Gen2 $3,575