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Introducing Snap! The Light Sport Aerobat

SportairUSA, the American marketer and distributor of the Dallair FR-100 Snap!, will bring the American production prototype to AirVenture 2011. The Snap! will be unveiled during a presentation at the International Aerobics Club (IAC) headquarters, at 12:00 Noon, Tuesday, July 26th. It will be on display at the LSA Mall for the remainder of the week.

Snap! Inverted

“A new aerobatic craft is an uncommon event,” said Bill Canino, President of SportairUSA. “The Snap! is the first purpose-built aerobat to incorporate lower-cost technology and methods learned from the light sport industry, and to be flyable by any licensed pilot, with or without a current medical certificate.

The light-weight Snap! (MTOW under 950lbs) flies behind a 130hp competition engine, built by EPApower on a ROTAX 900 series base, with 1484cc displacement, electronic fuel injection, inverted oil system, Gen2 auxiliary 26amp alternator, 4 into 1 exhaust, fully balanced and polished.

The Snap! meets or exceeds FAA Part 23 acrobatic standards, including +6 / -3 wing loading.

The Snap! will also appear at several IAC-sanctioned competitive events during the year. The first production aircraft for the American market will be available early in 2012.

The Snap! is planned to be certifiable as experimental-exhibition (E-E), production light sport (S-LSA) or experimental light sport (E-LSA).In competition or in practice the Snap! burns 5 gph of premium auto fuel, and little-to-no oil, making it inexpensive to own and operate.

With its low wing and bubble canopy the Snap! combines classic styling with excellent visibility and easy handling.

The Snap! is designed to compete. Professional flight testing is underway, to document optimum entry speeds and energy management procedures appropriate to each aerobatic manuever. Testing and documentation for certification of the Snap! under ASTM Light Sport Aircraft standards is also underway.