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New Lower Prices On Savage Cub, Classic & Cruiser

Savage Classic — Skimming

SportairUSA, the American marketer and distributor of light sport aircraft, announces price reductions in the entire Zlin Savage line of aircraft.

The tough, versatile Savage Cub is now available in America for $78,790, ready-to-fly including shipping, fees and registration. The new, lower prices on other aircraft in the Savage line are $71,090 for the Classic, $74,490 for the Cruiser, and $87,610 for the iCub.

“Zlin Aviation builds one of the world’s most popular lines of Cub fly-alikes” said Bill Canino, President of SportairUSA, “and with recent improvements in operational efficiencies we are now able to offer them in America at prices $40,000 to $50,000 below the competition.”

With modern materials and techniques, the Savage Cub and its siblings actually handle much better than the original Cub, and are lighter, tougher and more durable. Extended landing gear, bushwheels, floats and skis are available for all Savage models.

Canino noted that “The off-runway capabilities of the Savage line, especially the Savage Cubs, are impressive, mimicking the performance of the SuperCub, but in a brand new airplane priced about the same as a good used PA-18. The Savage Cubs are also much less expensive to operate.”