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Tecnam Acquires Snap, the LSA Aerobat. SportairUSA named U.S. Dealer

Tecnam's Snap! LSA Aerobat

Snap! the LSA aerobat, was designed and developed by Fabio Russo, who is now the head of Research and Development for Tecnam Aircraft. Tecnam recently acquired rights to the Snap and will manufacture the airplane at its facilities in Naples and Capua, Italy. SportairUSA, the American marketing and distribution company that introduced the Snap to the light sport market, will continue as the American distributor.

“Tecnam brings 65 years of aeronautical innovation and integrity to the Snap! project,” said Bill Canino, President of SportairUSA. “The Snap! is fun to fly, competitive, and very inexpensive to own and operate compared to conventional aerobatic aircraft.”

The sporty, single seat Snap! (MTOW under 950lbs) flies behind a 130hp competition engine with electronic fuel injection, inverted oil system, auxiliary alternator, 4 into 1 exhaust, fully balanced and polished. It will be certifiable as production light sport (S-LSA), experimental light sport (E-LSA), or experimental-exhibition (EE).

In competition or in practice the Snap! burns 5 gph of premium auto fuel, and little-to-no oil, making it inexpensive to own and operate. With its low wing and bubble canopy the Snap! combines classic styling with excellent visibility and easy handling.

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