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The SportairUSA Collection of Light Sport Aircraft

Since the light sport aircraft rule was first proposed, we’ve scoured the world looking for well-built and interesting aircraft that meet the new rule. That’s how we selected the SportairUSA collection.

We sell and service the hyper-STOL Savage Nomad Shock Ultra and the Savage Outback Shock from Zlin Aviation, along with the remarkable new Corsair 103  factory finished ultralight from JH Aircraft.

We also distribute Z~Floats, amphibious floats for light sport, ultralight and experimental aircraft.

For more information, please click on a picture below to visit a dedicated website.

Savage Shock Ultra | hyper-STOL Adventurer

Click here to go to the Savage Nomad Shock Ultra website.

Savage Nomad Shock Ultra | Click for Website

Made for adventure, the Savage Nomad Shock Ultra stands out with its hyper-STOL wing profile for short takeoff & faster rate of climb, double slotted fowler flaps for low-speed control, optional leading edge wing slats, oversized outboard shock absorbers to tame the landings, flattened landing flare that lets you see the landing site and a minimum flight speed of 17 mph (solo) and 21 mph (MTOW).

For more information visit the  Savage Web Site.

Corsair 103 | Warbird, Ultralight 

The Corsair 103 Ultralight | Click to go to website

Corsair 103 Ultralight | Click for Website

The Corsair 103 is a factory finished, ready-to-fly, Ultralight aircraft that embodies the spirit of WWII-era Chance Vought F4U Corsairs, right down to the radial engine, blunt cylindrical engine cowl, sliding cockpit canopy and inverted gull wings. Fabrication is an Oratex covered, state-of-the-art, carbon fiber space frame with carbon-reinforced Kevlar safety cell surrounding the pilot.

For more information, visit the Corsairs Web Site.

Savage Outback Shock | 180hp hyper-STOL

Savage Shock Ultra | Click for Web Site

Super performance. Available with Rotax 912/914 power. Exceptional low-speed control and very low stall speed.

Zlin Aircraft manufactures a high performance and affordable off-runway airplane. The Savage Shock Ultra flies like a Super Cub, only better, and incorporates modern technology in a traditional wrapper.

For more information about Savage aircraft, visit the Savage Web Site

Savage Nomad | Runway Optional

Savage Nomad | Click for Web Site

Savage Nomad | Click for Web Site

Runway Optional: The Savage Nomad is light, tough and powerful, delivering 515 lbs of useful load along with short take-offs and landings in an affordable light sport aircraft.

With optional bushwheels and extended gear, the Nomad becomes a master of the bush, serving more fun per buck than any other light sport aircraft.

For more information about Savage aircraft, visit the Savage Web Site