Buying a used Sting, Sirius or Savage? Find out about free transition training & aircraft safety checks.

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Free Training & Safety Check

Free Training & Safety Checks For Pre-owned Sting, Sirius & Savage Aircraft

August 23, 2011

To promote fleet safety, SportairUSA now offers free transition flight training and a free aircraft safety check to purchasers of used Sting, Sirius, and Savage light sport aircraft.

As a distributor of sport aircraft, we have always provided free transition flight and ground school training to our new aircraft buyers. To help maintain the safety of the fleet, as our aircraft enter the pre-owned market, we have decided to offer the same service, plus a free aircraft safety check, to buyers of used Sting, Sirius and Savage airplanes.

It doesn’t matter who you buy from, bring your airplane for a free safety check and get a factory approved checkout for your own personal flight safety program. SportairUSA will provide up to five hours of transition flight and ground training with its experienced CFIs and A&Ps, and will issue a course completion certificate for your insurance company.

SportairUSA is an FAA repair station which also performs aircraft inspection and maintenance. We are located at the North Little Rock, Arkansas, Municipal Airport (KORK).

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