Buying a used Sting, Sirius or Savage? Find out about free transition training & aircraft safety checks.

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TL-2000 StingSport N161G

Photo of StingSport N161G, for sale.

Original StingSport! Low time, well equipped, smooth flying, great price.

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TL-2000 Sting S4 N316DK

Price Reduced!

This low time (375 hours) 2012 Sting S4 comes very well equipped. The panel is perfectly organized and has everything within reach. The dual Dynon 10” Skyview Touch screens are locate left and center providing the PIC perfect line of sight and ease of use. The Com and Transponder are integrated. ADSB in/out is already installed. The autopilot comes with GPS tracking and will lighten the work load on longer cross-country flights. 

Upgraded DUC Swirl propeller and Beringer wheels and brakes mean improved performance and stopping power. This one won’t last long.

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TL-2000 Sting S3 N35ER

Photo of TL 2000 Sting S3 for sale

New Price!

Sting S3 with TruTrak enhanced 6-pack + Garmin GPS, VHF, XPDR, visual Greenline engine monitor and portable collision avoidance system (PCAS). Autopilot too!

Whole plane parachute & extended range with wing tanks.

A great airplane at a great price.

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Vans RV-8 N865KK

Faux Fighter!

Lycoming 180 hp HIO-360-B1A engine, matched with Sensenich 72FM859-1 prop, specifically designed for this engine/aircraft combination. Warbird paint design & smoke, too!

Fast, powerful and fun.

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Savage Nomad iCub N3311

Take Your Flying To The Water Level!

Low-time Savage Nomad with amphibious floats by Aircraft Floats Manufacturing takes you to the waters and the wild!

Download the flyer and check this one out.

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TL-3000 Sirius N269VA

This spacious, high wing Sirius is very well equipped for comfortable cross-country flying. Economical, too, with auto-fuel–sipping Rotax engine, upgraded DUC propeller and low maintenance costs.

Purchase includes 4 hours of CFI instruction and flight checkout, and 4 hours of ground school. Biannual Flight Review included. It’s a great price on a great airplane, so call today!

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TL-2000 Sting N914RG

This is a factory-built, turbocharged TL-2000 Sting Carbon with retractable gear. It is certified Experimental, Amateur Built (E-AB). With over 600lbs of usable load and an in-flight adjustable propeller, N914RG will cruise at 130 kts burning about 5 gallons per hour (92+ Octane auto fuel), with a range in excess of 800 miles. One of only two in the USA.

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SOLD: Savage Outback Shock N3232

Outback Shock N3232


The Ultimate STOL Aircraft

  • Short takeoffs. There’s not much runway where we’re going.
  • Quick climbout. To clear surrounding terrain.
  • Short landings. The shorter the better.
  • Tame landings. Good control with minimal touchdown rebound.
  • Safe slow flight. Low stall speed, spin resistance.
  • Easy to fly. Responsive controls & ergonomic design.
  • Simple, strong construction, repairable in the field.

Download the flyer, below, for details. Purchase includes 5 hours of CFI instruction and flight checkout (Includes Biannual Flight Review), and 10 hours of ground school.]

SOLD: N447DP Flight Design CTLS


This 2016 Flight Design CTLS is almost new with only 145 hours. The plane is high-end and smartly designed with comfort and performance in mind. With a 49 inch wide cabin (one of the largest in it’s class), extra-wide dual gull wing cabin doors and adjustable seats, this aircraft can accommodate people well over 6 feet tall. 

Exceptionally well equipped with Dual Dynon SkyViews, autopilot, Garmin 796GPS,  ADS-B, BRS recovery parachute and much more.

Purchase includes 10 hours of aircraft-specific ground training plus 5 hours CFI flight instruction and checkout.

SOLD! N745WC StingSport


We don’t often find a StingSport that is in such great shape with upgraded avionics. Even the exterior is a 10. This plane looks like it just came from the factory. 

The Sting excels in comfort, maneuverability, safety and fun. With less than 250 hours, this one is very well equipped with Dynon Skyview EFIS and Engine Information System (EIS) with alert light, Dynon VHF comm, Dynon intercom. And Dynon autopilot w GPS steering. Garmin transponder and Garmin 396 Aviation GPS (Americas) and more! 

Purchase includes 10 hours of aircraft-specific ground training plus 5 hours CFI flight instruction and checkout.



RV8 powered by Aero Sport Power 200hp IO-375-M1. Dynon & Garmin panel. Autopilot. Dual tanks hold 42 gallons.

This airplane was built with skill and care, and is ready for you to fly home.

SOLD: TL-2000 Sting S4 N91MX

Photo of TL-2000 Sting S4 for sale.


All the fun for half the price! (Well, not much more than half.) Only 140 hours total time on this very well-equipped, very attractively priced Sting S4.

Dual Garmin G3X touch screens
Garmin GTR20 VHF Radio
Garmin GTX23 Transponder
Garmin GAD29 adapter for ARINC429 Garmin GDL39 ADSB-in
Garmin GPS400 Precision Approach Rcvr. EFIS and EIS battery back-up

Whole-plane parachute, canopy shade, full lighting package and more.