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The SportairUSA Collection of Light Sport Aircraft

Since the light sport aircraft rule was first proposed, we’ve scoured the world looking for well-built and interesting aircraft that meet the new rule. That’s how we selected the SportairUSA collection.

We sell and service the hyper-STOL Savage Nomad Shock Ultra and the Savage Outback Shock from Zlin Aviation, along with the remarkable new Corsair 103  factory finished ultralight from JH Aircraft.

We also distribute Z~Floats, amphibious floats for light sport, ultralight and experimental aircraft.

For more information, please click on a picture below to visit a dedicated website.

Savage Norden | New-Metal Wing-STOL

Photo of the new Savage Norden STOL aircraft

New from Zlin Aviation, the Savage Norden is available with ROTAX engines in three horsepower configurations: 100 hp, 115 hp turbo & 141 hp turbo.

The sleek new Norden features all metal wings with double-slotted Fowler-style flaps and electric slats. Fully deployed, the slats and flaps enable very slow flight. Retracted, the wing is optimized for speed.

For more information about Savage aircraft, visit the Savage Web Site

Corsair 103 | Warbird, Ultralight 

The Corsair 103 Ultralight | Click to go to website

Corsair 103 Ultralight | Click for Website

The Corsair 103 is a factory finished, ready-to-fly, Ultralight aircraft that embodies the spirit of WWII-era Chance Vought F4U Corsairs, right down to the radial engine, blunt cylindrical engine cowl, sliding cockpit canopy and inverted gull wings. Fabrication is an Oratex covered, state-of-the-art, carbon fiber space frame with carbon-reinforced Kevlar safety cell surrounding the pilot.

For more information, visit the Corsairs Web Site.

Savage Shock Ultra | hyper-STOL Adventurer

Click here to go to the Savage Nomad Shock Ultra website.

Savage Nomad Shock Ultra | Click for Website

Made for adventure, the Savage Nomad Shock Ultra stands out with its hyper-STOL wing profile for short takeoff & faster rate of climb, double slotted fowler flaps for low-speed control, optional leading edge wing slats, oversized outboard shock absorbers to tame the landings, flattened landing flare that lets you see the landing site and a minimum flight speed of 17 mph (solo) and 21 mph (MTOW).

For more information visit the  Savage Web Site.

Savage Nomad | Runway Optional

Savage Nomad | Click for Web Site

Savage Nomad | Click for Web Site

Runway Optional: The Savage Nomad is light, tough and powerful, delivering 515 lbs of useful load along with short take-offs and landings in an affordable light sport aircraft.

With optional bushwheels and extended gear, the Nomad becomes a master of the bush, serving more fun per buck than any other light sport aircraft.

For more information about Savage aircraft, visit the Savage Web Site