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180hp Zlin Cub-S Debuts At Oshkosh

SportairUSA brings the Cub-S Light Sport Utility to AirVenture 2013

180hp Zlin Cub-S: Best power-to-weight in category

The 180hp Titan Stroker IO-340 powered Zlin Cub-S is coming to the United States as a light sport aircraft (S-LSA), according to Bill Canino of SportairUSA. The U.S. distributor for aircraft manufactured by Zlin Aviation will bring the Cub-S to Oshkosh in late July for AirVenture 2013. Look for the SportairUSA site at #295 Knapp Road, located just off of Celebration Way, between the Lycoming display and the EAA Welcome Center.

Site Location: Between Lycoming & EAA Welcome Center

With its best in category power-to-empty weight ratio of 4.74 lbs/hp (7.33 lbs at MTOW), the Cub-S climbs at up to 2100 fpm. Takeoff roll is 60 feet with one pilot, or 81 feet fully loaded. Cruise speed is 112 mph at 75% power, even when equipped with 31” Alaskan Bushwheels and 6” extended landing gear. The Cub-S sports a capacious cargo area and carries a 505 lb payload.

“The Cub-S performs brilliantly in difficult, remote operations,” said Canino. “This is a lot of airplane for less than $125,000.” The first two deliveries are scheduled for November of this year.

The Cub-S is a fun, safe, robust and easy-to-fly airplane, suitable for weekend escapes or for expeditions into the bush.

“Now you have choices,” said Pasquale Russo of Zlin Aviation. “You can chase the $100 hamburger or you can land on the highest mountain slope, reach the most isolated snow covered village, fly in to that secluded fishing spot or pristine beach to spend the day or camp for a week.”

The Cub-S is the result of two years of study by Zlin Aviation in collaboration with experienced Alaskan bush pilots. The result is an LSA that comes as close as possible to being the perfect utility airplane for demanding off-runway operating conditions. This new airplane tops the Zlin line, which also includes the Savage Bobber, Cub, iCub, Cruiser and Classic.