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SportairUSA Earns FAA Certification

SportairUSA, LC, is now an FAA certificated 14 CFR 145 Repair Station serving the general aviation community in Arkansas and surrounding states from its facilities at the North Little Rock Municipal Airport (KORK). SportairUSA was awarded FAA certificate number 2SUR495B in August, 2010, just in time for the celebration of it’s 20th anniversary in the aviation field.

Ralph Murphy, for many years the Accountable Manager of Skytravel Avionics at Adams Field, has joined SportairUSA to head up the avionics department, where he will perform and supervise installations, upgrades and repairs of avionics, radios, instruments, autopilots and related airframe modifications.

“Whether it’s a business jet with a critical mission, a trainer that is in the air every day or a recreational aircraft operated for the pure joy of flying, we have the facilities, the staff and the experience to keep your avionics in tip-top shape,” said Bill Canino, President of SportairUSA. “SportairUSA is a dealer for all brands of avionics and autopilots, and offers the best prices in Arkansas for equipment, installation and service.”

SportairUSA sells, installs and maintains the following avionics:

• GPS Systems, panel mount and portable
• Panel mount avionics
• Autopilots – certified or experimental
• Flight Instruments
• Glass cockpits
• Traffic avoidance systems
• Aircraft engine monitors
• Navigation systems
• Glass cockpits
• And more…

SportairUSA has been in operation since 1990 at the North Little Rock Municipal Airport, providing hangar space, aircraft maintenance and repairs, airplane sales and brokerage.