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SOLD! Savage Outback N9111



This is the new, category leading light sport STOL craft from Savage. 180hp Titan Stroker

  • ECI Titan Stroker IO-340, 180hp fuel-injected engine for outstanding performance
  • Special carbon fiber Catto propeller
  • Reinforced & extended 6″ HD 25mm main gear
  • Cub jackscrew trim system
  • 24 gal fuel system
  • Main gear with internal step
  • Reinforced tail leaf spring
  • Welded frame cabin top and tail bracing
  • Fabric covering
  • Wing vortex generators
  • Large door access for both seats

This aircraft includes our customer safety package: 10 ground school hours plus 5 flight hours with our factory trained CFIs, which qualifies for an FAA safety biannual flight review.