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Sting 912RG

Sting N912RG

N912RG is an exceptionally well equipped carbon fiber composite aircraft with retractable gear and a full instrument panel. The airplane was factory-built by TL-Ultralight and is USA certified Experimental – Amateur Built. With over 600 pounds of usable load and an in-flight adjustable propeller, 912RG will cruise at 120 knots burning less than 5 gallons of fuel/hour (auto fuel or 100LL) and boasts a range in excess of 700 miles.




912RG has been continuously owned, operated, maintained and hangared since new by SportairUSA, the North American distributor for TL-Ultralight aircraft. It is offered with a 6-month comprehensive warranty.


This low-time demo airplane includes all of the following standard and optional equipment:

  • Whole plane ballistic recovery parachute
  • Inertia reel AmSafe airbag restraints
  • Extended range fuel tanks (30.5 gallons)
  • Night lighting – landing, taxi, strobe and position (LED) lights, dimmable instrument lights, cabin light.
  • Adjustable rudder pedals.
  • Steerable nose gear.
  • Toe brakes (hydraulic disk brakes).
  • Pilot-side Instruments.
    • TruTrak EFIS/Flight Director.
    • Heads-up-display of AOA system with voice commands and canopy display warnings.
    • TruTrak dual axis autopilot with altitude hold and vertical speed.
    • Straight|Level™ system
    • Prop controls.
  • Co-Pilot Side Instruments.
    • Dynon EFIS D-10.
    • ASI & sensitive altimeter.
  • Nav/Comm.
    • Garmin SL30 Nav/Com VOR/ILS/GS.
    • Garmin GTX327 digital transponder.
    • Garmin GDU375 MFD w/GPS/moving map/XM WX satellite weather display.
  • Engine Instruments: Grand Rapids Technologies EIS.
  • PCAS collision avoidance system displays traffic on moving map.
  • Intercom with dual, stick-mounted PTT.
  • Voice alerts for traffic, terrain, attitude and autopilot.
  • 2 ANR headsets.
  • Exhaust-free cabin heat and cabin ventilation.
  • Canopy defrost vent.
  • Dual 12-volt auxiliary outlets.
  • Tinted main canopy and rear canopy.
  • Retractable canopy sun shade
  • Rotax 100HP, 912ULS with stainless steel exhaust.
  • Woodcomp model 3000 2-blade in-flight adjustable wood/composite propeller with beta mode (reversing).
  • Retractable gear, aluminum rims, position indicators, emergency extension system.
  • ForeSight EVS – infrared enhanced vision system with Flight Display Systems “Flipper” display.