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Wireless in-flight engine data now available for iCub

SportairUSA, LC, has completed installation and flight testing of the iMonitor EMS system by TruTrak Flight Systems in the new Savage iCub bush plane.  The system accepts engine performance information from engine sensors to an Engine Data Module (EDM) and then transmits each line of data through an on board wireless to any iPad or iPhone running the TruTrak iMonitor software.

Bill Canino, President of SportairUSA, was pleased with the performance of the iCub in all aspects of flight with the iMonitor program. “It is very easy to interpret and displays an amazing amount of data simultaneously to both pilots. Even our mechanics can read the engine information while standing outside of the aircraft.”

The iMonitor Engine Monitoring program is a wireless iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch Application which is easy to use and at $.99, quite inexpensive.  It is now available for download from the Apple iTunes App Store. The app allows multiple devices to be on the network at the same time. (Download the full press release for more…)


iMonitor iPad Display – 300dpi

iMonitor iPad Display - 72dpi

iMonitor iPhone Display - 300dpi

iMonitor iPhone Display - 72dpi